Timothy McMichael

Tim McMichael has been with Fort Mill EMS for over 10 years.  For the last 6 years he has been the elected Director of Operations for the agency, responsible for the day to day operations.  He is joined by his wife and two daughters.  Outside of his volunteer activates with the agency he works for Microsoft Corporation as a Senior Support Escalation Engineer.

Bill Moran
Deputy Chief

Bill Moran joined Fort Mill EMS in 2014 as a volunteer and was recently elected as Captain and Acting Assistant Director.  His first interest in emergency services started in 1979 when he joined Civil Air Patrol as a cadet.  That experience led to taking an EMT class and then volunteering as a firefighter/EMT in 1991 at Hyattsville (MD) VFD where he currently serves as Chairman of the Board.  He became a paramedic in 2004 and worked at Union EMS (NC) for 5 years as a paramedic after relocating to the Carolinas.

In addition to his field skills, Bill enjoys teaching.  He is a Fire Service Instructor Level III and has taught EMS classes at the University of Maryland and Prince George’s Community College (MD).  He also teaches CPR and First Aid and strongly believes everyone should know how to perform CPR.  Bystander CPR significantly improves survival rate.

 In his professional career at IBM, he has served as a technical instructor, curriculum architect and learning consultant.  He holds a BS in Management Information Systems from Saint Joseph’s University and a MS for Business from Johns Hopkins University.

He holds certificates of Firefighter II, Rescue Technician, Fire Officer I and has completed two National Fire Academy Command and Control courses.

 He also participants in endurance sports and has completed 20 marathons and 1 Ironman triathlon. 

He strongly believes in volunteerism and continues to promote the growth of the volunteer base at Fort Mill EMS.

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