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Must be a Nationally Registered Paramedic (or state licensed and be able to obtain NR-P within 1 year) to apply.

Click the link to the job post on Indeed or send your resume to

Join Fort Mill EMS!

​Full Time Paramedic

24 hrs on / 72 hrs off

If you are a self-starter, do not require micromanagement, and prefer to work in a small organization where you will have a big impact, you need to consider Fort Mill EMS.

With a 24 on / 72 off schedule, you’ll have time to pursue other passions, work a second job or pick up overtime on your days off.

$40,000/yr + overtime opportunities

Medical plans available

Short-term disability included

403(b) pre-tax saving accounts

Paid Time Off

No Mandatory Overtime

Station-based units (post in a station recliner, not in a parking lot)

Stryker Powerload System on all ambulances (save your back)

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